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 Dondino and Stephen Jacobs

     Jacobs Ladder Show

                                 DONDINO SHOW

                       THE ITALIAN AMERICAN CLUB

                     SPECIAL GUEST CINDY DOUMANI


                    RICH RIZZO'S LAS VEGAS FOLLIES

Dondino with special guest Cindy Doumani "I was cowgirl before I was a showgirl"

L to R:  Dondino, Tempest Storm, Rich Rizzo, Cindy Doumani celebrating Tempest Birthday on, I won't tell you her age!!

Tempest Photo BD Cake



Ms. Senior Nevada 2013 Nicole Duffle, Duke of Fremont and Milla

Dondino with long time fan Brenda Weems

Dondino and fellow performer Jeanne Brei

Dondino and show guest Sue Lauterbach

L to R:  Stephen Jacobs/Jacobs Ladder radio online show host, Grant Griffin/producer, archer Bob Markworth

Singer/entertainer Dennis Park, Carolyn Jacobs/Jacobs Ladder online radio show host

Chloe/dancer, assistant, wife to Magician Murray Sawchuck, Carolyn Jacobs and Magician Murry Sawchuck

"Dondino is the bomb- the show last night was beyond awesome"- Gwen Bartholomew

"What a show last night at the Italian American Club.  Dondino performed to a full house and many notable people were present.  Two special ladies, Cindy Doumani and Tempest Storm who celebrated her birthday was there with friends.  Loved the show and most of all loved the talented Dondino who warms the heart and soul of us."- Nikki Artale, writer for The Informer and LaVoce

"Awesome Show, just like the old days in Las Vegas!  A real touch of class"- Brenda Weems

"Great Show...Great Showman"- Angelo Cassaro, President of the Italian American Club

"Wish I could have been there for the show...sounds like Vegas finally got Dondino back where he always belongs"- Kay Womack

Message from Delores LaHaise

Dondino Facebook and Fan Club President

Kathy Marie Dauenhauer "Love his music"

Melina Colucci "I was a hostess/cocktails in the Four Queens showroom.  The best show the Queens ever had!"

Lynn Newcomb Hrnciar

Although Dondino is not a Magician...Magic happens when he sings!  If you have never heard him sing you are in for a wonderful experience when you do.  He is such a loving and dedicated performer and has given so much to Las Vegas over the years.  Las Vegas is lucky to have him back home again.  He is busy these days working on a documentary and performing as always.  I speak now to the ladies here...his voice is romantic and powerful.  He is a legend of our time and our city.  Get to know him and when you go to see one of his shows or read one of the posts, don't be afraid to introduce yourself to him.  You will find out what a truly remarkable man he is and become a part of the Legacy he has created.  He loves his fans and embraces every opportunity to make a connection with everyone who wants to meet him.  One of the nicest and most heartfelt performers to grace any Las Vegas stage...The Great Dondino!!!




I enjoyed seeing Dondino many times during his lengthy engagements downtown in years past.  In the 90s I wrote a column for several entertainment papers and magazines reviewing all the major shows.  And I remember including very favorable mentions about Dondino's excellent show.  Hoping he gets the exposure needed to get his name back o the Las Vegas marqees!


Wild Bill Cooksey

Francis Dey (Sonny)

Hello Mr. Dondino


My name is Francis Dey.  I am writing to you to thank you for being my inspiration.  I met you and spoke with you over 30 years ago at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino.  Although you were very busy at the time, you did sign an autograph (Thank You).  I had asked you how do I get where you are, and you told me "hard work!!!".  You were spot on!!  


I don't expect you to remember me, as you have met so many people along the way, and that's okay, because those few moments of your time changed my life forever.


We ended with goodbye (you were so gracious) and I said, "Someday you and I would do a song together," you chuckled and we went our separate ways.


In closing I would like to say how much I have enjoyed listening to your music, your incredible voice (talent).  You personify the meaning of Great.


Well, I am all grown up now and believe in myself and my talent, partly because of hard work and YOU (Thanks).  I also patterned my band after yours, lots of horns.  


Thank you for that wonderful moment you so graciously gave me some 30 years ago.  I would love to hit the stage with, for a song.  What an honor that would be for me.


Thank You Sir,

Francis Dey (Sonny)


Jacobs Ladder Internet Radio Show hosted by Stephen and Carolyn Jacobs

Dondino interview Jacobs Ladder Internet Radio Show - Dondino interviewed by Stephen and Carolyn Jacobs
The Las Vegas Rocks Radio Show logo.jfif
Studio shot 1.JPG

L to R:  Dondino, Derek David "The Platters", Neil Portnoy Radio/Co Host

Ron Garrett The Las Vegas Rocks Radio Show group shot 1.JPG

L to R:  Tom/Film Producer/, Derek David "The Platters", Neil Portnoy Radio/Co Host, Ron Garrett/Host The Las Vegas Rocks Radio Show, Dondino

Studio shot 3.JPG

Audio Engineer/The Las Vegas Rocks Radio Show AM 670 KMZQLV

Studio shot 5.JPG

Ron Garrett
Host of "The Las Vegas Rocks Radio
"Hall of Fame Broadcaster

Click link below to Watch Radio Show with Ron Garrett and Dondino

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