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The Las Vegas Entertainers Hall of Fame is proud to present

                 2015 Entertainer Inductee

JANUARY 28, 2015

Pahrump Arts Council

"Congrats on your award and Thanks Dondino for headlining our youth arts fundraiser last April, to help pay for youth's residency programs"

Loretta Lindell


Pahrump Arts Council

Candi Caroline

Las Vegas, NV

"Congratulations!  You are awesome"

Becky Chapman

Downhome Tours

Branson, MO

"Congratulations to a great entertainer and humanitarian"

Carol West Ewing



"I sang backup for Dondino and appeared on his TV shows.  He knows everyone and everyone knows him-I wish him congratulations, he has worked hard to earn this award"

Jonas Vece

"The McCoys

hit song "Hand On Sloopy"


"We had such a wonderful time at your induction.  You are a great friend and that makes me proud everytime you sing, you are such a class act"

Angelo Cassaro

President Italian American Club

"Congratulations and so deserved"

Mayor Kay Moore

Walnut Springs, Texas


"Congrats to the most deserving entertainer.  I would have been there to see you receive your award if my position as Mayor had allowed my schedule to do so.  I was there in spirit"

Mable Buckner

Executive Director

Streeterville Chamber of Commerce

Chicago, Illinois


"Congrats Dondino on a well deserved award.  You are an amazing entertainer and  your contributions to Las Vegas should be recognized.  When you played at the Landmark Hotel and Casino, I did not need a paycheck.  You kept the room packed every night.  I want to truly thank you for the great tips I made at the Landmark"

Patty Ascher


Las Vegas


"Dondino, you deserve all awards, all fame, all glory, because you are simply the best singer in Las Vegas.  We all have a lot to learn from you.  Professionalism, kindness, talent.  You are our Master...Congrats for the Award"

Toni Olson

Des Moines, Iowa


"You so deserve it as me and my husband sure love your music"

Nelson Sardelli


Las Vegas


"A star is a star is a star"

Sharon Cahlan

Liz Lieberman Ovation Dancers


"It's a long time coming, Congratulations Dondino, and of course, Donna (the woman behind the man).


The hard work, dedication and love that goes into each performance is something we see on stage each time you perform, and it's powerful!


Because of your love for your fellow entertainers, professional or non professionals, you have made it possible for my dream of performing at a higher level come true, at no cost, and that's something you don't find"

written and photography by

              Nikki Artale

Cowgirl to Showgirl, Just Like That

Rich Rizzo and the Las Vegas Follies

Dondino and Cindy Doumani

Dondino, Cindy Doumani

Rich Rizzo and Las Vegas Follies

       Tony Ruivivar 
Society of Seven



Cindy Doumani/Honoree, Denny Weddle/MC, Donna, Dondino/Honoree

Charlie Duncan

"Cornell Gunters Original Coasters"

Celebrity Guest Performer

Liz Lieberman "Ovation Dancers"


                 Kat Ray

      Special Guest Performers

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