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George Patton Waters (grandson General George Patton) welcomes POW WW11 Veteran Alan Dunbar and Dondino to the 2015 OFLAG Reunion in New Orleans

L to R:  Evie Dunbar, Dondino, Alan Dunbar, George Patton Waters (Pat Waters)

Pat and Martha Waters welcome POW WW11 Heroes Col. USA Ret. Jimmie Kanaya, Herb, Lt. Colonel, Ret Alan Dunbar 


Alan was freezing in the restaurant so the staff of Mr. B's brought him 2 table cloths to keep him warm. Martha Waters decided he looked like the Pope so she made him a Pope hat from her knapkin...Alan blessed everyone in the restaurant

911 Ceremony at the National World War 11 Museum

WW11 POW Lt. Col. Ret Alan Dunbar and George Patton Waters presented Randy Soard's (artist) "Faces of the Brave"  tribute poster in honor of 911 heroes

Las Vegas Artist Randy Soard in cooperation with more than 450 surviving families of the fallen "Heroes" lost on September 11th, have joined together in the creation of the Not-for-Profit "FACES OF THE BRAVE" 9-11 Memorial Tribute Artwork Project.  The "Faces of the Brave" artwork is a Photo-Mosaic comprised of the indivdual portraits of each of the falllen "Heroes" lost on September 11th.  Many of the images contained in the "Faces of the Brave" are from private family collections and have never been vierwed by the public.


The Purpose of the "Faces of the Brave" 9-11 Memorial Artwork Project is to "Honor Those Who Protect Us" and to keep alive the memory of "The Best of Humanity" by putting their "Faces" before the public.  The Goal of the Project is to educate all people who cherish "Liberty" and "Freedom" and to encourage their eternal vigilance in the protection and security of our Nation.

Many OFLAG reunion guest as well as the public attending the 911 Ceremony at the National WW11 Museum wanted pictures taken with the "Faces the Brave" poster and to buy a copy.

Col USA Ret. Jimmie Kanaya age 95 and Lt. Col. Ret Alan Dunbar age 97 vow to meet again next year for OFLAG 64




OCTOBER 7, 2015

I received the saddest news today from Evie Dunbar telling me Alan went home.


As I realized I, We and the US lost another great miltary hero, I also realized how priviledged I have been to not only know Alan, but to spend his last days on earth with him.  


I am honored and humbled to call Alan my friend forever.  I am equally honored to help Evie Dunbar, Lt. Colonial Denny Weddle and George Patton Waters make his memorial a special tribute to the greatest hero I know, Lt. Colonel Alan Dunbar, US Army hero. Also a thank you to Randy Soard for giving his photography services for Alan's memorial.


We will miss you, but cherish our great memories together......New Orleans will never be the same after your visit!


       We love you Alan

         Your Friend


Special guest George Patton Waters, Fire and Rescue Bagpipers and Drums

           Table for One

White Roses in honor of POW Hero

        Final Farewell

         21 Gun Salute

Thank You Nellis Air Force Base for the incredible send off for Lt. Colonel Alan Dunbar's journey home

Special Thank You to Lt. Colonel Denny Weddle for all his hard work to make Lt. Col. Alan Dunbar's memorial a beautiful beautiful journey home from Nellis Air Force Base.


Iowa military children recording "Operation Got Your Back" and "I Will Always Be With You".........Thank You Colonel Janet Townley/Iowa National Guard

Dondino, Michael Severino/host 911 Commemorative Ceremony/Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirts, Lt. General E.R. "Buck" Bedard/ US Marine Corp, Lt. Colonel Denny Weddle/US Airforce

LONG-LOST 9/11 Flag, an Enduring Mystery, Will Go on View at Museum- The New York Times


By George Gene Gustines Sept. 6, 2016


The moment was captured in a photograph, an unforgettable image that was seared in the world's collective memory as a symbol of resilience; three firefighters raising an American flag amid the ruins of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.


Soon after, t he flag disappeared, New York City officials tried to track it down, to no avail. 


Now the flag has been recovered, though the mystery has not been entirely solved.  On Thursday, nearly 15 years after it first flew, the flag will again become a prominent part of Lower Manhatan when it goes on display at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum.


The flag's return required a transontinental trip:  It was recovered in Washington State.

National Emergency

Artist Jon McNaughton


Why America sings The National Anthem at sporting events

John Wroten, Jr.jpg

John Wroten, Jr is not only a very successful businessman, cowboy, but served in the U.S. Marine Corps, attaining the rank of Captain before resigning his commission.  He now serves as Chairman of the Military Academy Selection Board for Congressman Sam Johnson, Chairman of the North Zone Subcommittee and member of the Finance Committee.

Randy Soard, on behalf of Dondino and George Patton Waters, presented John the special  "General George Patton Challenge Coin" during his activities at the Las Vegas National Rodeo Finals of 2019.

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