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(L) Barbara Winters treated her friends, Cindy Doumani, Randy Soard, Dondino, Donna Melchiorre, Wes Winters and Rod Russell to the Don Rickles Show at the Orleans Hotel and Casino.......absolutely fabulous, and even better she took the crew backstage to say hi to Don Rickles

front: Wes Winters, Don Rickles


back:  Barbara Winters and Cindy Doumani (photographer Randy Soard)

Left: Wes Winters, Don Rickles, Dondino and Rod Russell

Dondino and Don Rickles

John Oscar Hein and Dondino

Dondino on the Hein, Ernie and Bernie Comedy Radio Show

Dondino, Don Gaye, Berlin

Las Vegas Showgirls/Jubilee, Boyd Gaming booth, Don Gaye, Dondino/producer Cowgirl to Showgirl, Just Like That documentary

Dondino, Denny Weddle, Beatrice, Berlin, Cindy Doumani and Molly and Jackie at the NFR Rodeo

Al Berstein and Dondino saw each other for the first time since 1990, when Al Berstein made a special appearance on "The Dondino Show" with Roger Mayweather.  What a wonderful time to see Al Berstein after so many years.  Al agreed to honor Dondino once again by making a special guest appearance in the documentary "Cowgirl to Showgirl, Just Like That" produced by Dondino Productions in association with Read To Me Foundation.

L to R:  Gordie Brown, Nelson Sardelli, Dondino

Top/L to R:  Nelson Sardelli, Gordie Brown, Dondino, Fred Doumani

Bottom/L to R:  David Adolph, Ken Walther

Tony was born in Brooklyn, New York.  He is known for his tough guy roles in the cult films The Honeymoon Killers, God Told Me To and The French Connection.


Ben is a movie directer and former Olympian Gold Metal Marial Arts.  He is involved in counter-intelligence and security products.


Kathryn is a film producer and was a co founder of Herbal Life.  


Together, Ben and Kathryn operated Lottery Systems for various European countries.


John "Kats" is an entertainment writer for the Las Vegas Review Journal.  John's girlfriend "Katy",  Cindy Doumani, Las Vegas Philanthropist whose story has inspired the documentary "Cowgirl to Showgirl, Just Like That"

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