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Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Allyn Root 

First Dance_edited.jpg
Best Man Doug Miller and entertainer Dondino.JPG
Tommy Love and Dondino.JPG

Doug Miller/Best Man

Tommy Love/Wedding Party

Fiddler on The RoofDONDINO
00:00 / 10:51
Edited Image 2014-5-20-11:13:11
Dondino Fiddler 2_edited.jpg
Dondino logo png 3.png
Dondino Fiddler 5_edited.jpg
Dondino Fiddler 1_edited.jpg
Dondino Fiddler 2_edited.jpg
Dondino Fiddler 4_edited.jpg
Dondino Fiddler 6_edited.jpg
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Dondino Lia husband Cindy_edited.jpg

Dondino, Lia Roberts, Steve, Cindy Doumani

Chadwick Johnson and Dondino.JPG

Chadwick Johnson/Singer Entertainer/musical wedding consultant
Dondino/Singer Entertainer

Jonathan, Cindy Dondino 2_edited.jpg
Nelson, Lorraine Dondino 2_edited.jpg

Nelson Sardelli/Singer Entertainer
Lorraine Sardelli
Dondino/Singer Entertainer

Paul Lowden, Cindy, Dondino 2_edited.jpg

Jonathan Karrant/Singer performer
Cindy Doumani Showgirl/dancer/philantrophist
Dondino/Singer Entertainer

Dondino and Guest_edited.jpg

Steve Tzap, Lisa Lockwood Tzap,
Dondino/Singer Entertainer

Dondino guest 2_edited.jpg

Dondino, Angie Sanchez, John Silverman

Paul Lowden, Cindy Doumani, Dondino

husband, Lia, Sue, Cindy Dondino_edited.jpg

Steve, Lia Roberts, Sue Lowden, Cindy Doumani, Dondino

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