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Sandy is an RN at Sunrise Hospital.  She was called into the hospital on Oct 1, 2017 to apply her medical skills for victims of the Route 99 concert.  A special thank you to Sandy for helping to make a tragedy better for the victims and Las are a special person and Nurse

3 Years and we finally won First Place Prize


pumpkin 4.png

Dondino, Marty Allen, Ray Broccardo

Norm Clark, Tempest, Dondino

Cindy Doumani BD Hostess

Dondino- MC

Paul Lowden  special guest

Photos and Mosaic courtesy of Randy Soard/Photographer and Host of BD Party


Loanne Parker and Dondino on documentary filming set

World Tour 2018


Las Vegas

Melissa Wells and Martini glass.jpg

Retired US Ambassador Melissa F. Wells

Melissa Foelsch Wells, accomplished diplomat and four-time ambassador, was among the pioneers who paved the way for women to work in the Foreign Service. The daughter of a physicist and a renowned Estonian opera singer and film star.

Brett, Dondino, Joseph 1.JPG

Dondino, Extraordinare Magician Joseph Gabriel, master of sleight-of-hand and creator of some of the most spectacular illusions in the world of magic,  and Brett Hansen/Audio Art

Joseph Gabriel - Parrot 4.jpg
Dondino, Joseph, Denny, Allen.JPG

Dondino, Joseph Gabriel, Denny Weddle, Allen Bracken/Stage Director "Masters of Illusion"


                     MASTERS OF ILLUSION


Check back for Masters of Illusion’s Las Vegas return

In the meantime, check back for Masters of Illusion live tour dates.

banner (1).jpg

9-11 Commemorative Ceremony

Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits of Nevada

Tom Brady and Dondino.jpg

Dondino and Tom Brady,  Former Battalion Chief of the New York Fire Department

Dondino and boxing Joe Cortez American b

Dondino and boxing referee Joe Cortez 

download (1).jpg

L to R:  Rick Smith/LVA Advisory Board, Dennis Casey Park, Dondino, Scott Walker/LVA Prinicipal, Geri Smith/LVA Advisory Board, Cindy Doumani/LVA Advisory Board, not seen photographer/Randy Soard/LVA Advisory Board


Event Guest

Dondino two for the show interview.jpg
Evelyn Cannestra saves she is entering t

Evelyn Cannestra celebrited her BD with her special friends.  Her BD comment "If I go to the Pearly Gates I will be in good company with these Debonair Gents sending me home"

Celebration of Barbara Winters.jpg
2.  Celebration of Barbara Winters Home.

Thank You to an incredible friend... Barbara Winters

Neither Dondino nor Donna are poets, so this thank you to Barbara Winters will never have the flair or style of such an elegant poetic woman as Barbara.  A woman who has spent her life taking care of her family, friends and charities for her community and beyond.

A woman who came from her meager farm life to the big city of Los Angeles to make her mark on the world.  A woman who had big dreams but never realized that those dreams would come true.  A dream that would allow her to touch so many lives in so many wonderful ways.  

After the loss of her soul mate, and love of her life, Nat Winters, she felt the need to travel outside her comfort zone and seek new friends and experiences.  Nevada became her first journey alone.  A state that had become a second home for both she and her husband throughout the years, prior to his passing.

It was a new journey that she would travel without Nat.  A little scary, a little strange, very lonely and yet exciting.

It did not take long before Barbara was traveling back and forth from California to her new vacationing spot of Las Vegas.  It took even less time for the new friends in Las Vegas to claim her as their own.  

Barbara seemed to have such a loving touch with strangers, who somehow became bonded with her upon their introduction. 

Now, almost twenty years later, she is still touching lives and making friends throughout California and Nevada.  She even makes friends on the highway between both cities.  We (Dondino and Donna) had the opportunity to travel with Barbara and meet a few of Barbara's highway friends.  As odd as it sounds, she is a real life "Pied Piper" who gathers friends wherever she goes and keeps them for life.

We were lucky enough to get picked up along her journey.  Needless to say we are friends for life.  No one that meets Barbara can ever let her go.  She just has a spell over all of us that makes all of us bond together. 


Barbara and her good friend Cindy Doumani are both Ambassadors of Kindness; Love and Giving.  Two of the best friends any of us could have.  Two people you are lucky to have in your life if they pick you out along their journeys.

Thank You Barbara for your friendship and the beautiful words you bestowed upon Donna and myself.  Thank You Cindy Doumani for your love and friendship.   And Thank you also Cindy for sharing your friendship with Barbara, with us. 


We Love You both beyond words!  

Barbara poem for D&D.jpg
Dondino Donna and Don.jpg
Sad to lose a long time and dear friend.  But so fortunate to have been friends for so many years.  Don Usherson will be missed!
The song below is in memory of a favorite song that Don loved to hear me sing!  Thank you Don for appreciating my talemt.  It is an honor to sing for you.
Impossible DreamDONDINO
00:00 / 05:09

Tony Ruivivar made his stop on Mars to see his one acre of land he obtained to one day build a home on his Mars acreage.  God had a few different plans and called Tony home before he could fulfill his construction plans on Mars.  However, he did make a stop on Mars before continuing his journey home.  In honor of our incredible friend, Tony Ruivivar, original founder of the world famous Society of Seven group, a special Halloween celebration of Tony and his love for Mars, was created to say farewell to a friend loved by so many around the world.  It was a fun and emotional Halloween Party.  One that Tony would have loved to been at in person.  Karen, our friend and beautiful wife of Tony made the night even more special with her famous pumpkin carving contest, with the WINNER (stop laughing Tony) being the famous TONY, Society of Seven, Mars costume.  He stayed outside after the party to celebrate Halloween with his friends crazy pumpkin carving contributions.  His neighbors were thrilled to see Tony ready for flight to Mars.  It was the best send off that only Tony could imagine!  Thank You Karen for making a very emotional and sad loss of our friend Tony a night to celebrate with smiles, tears and laughter.

Tony leaving Dondino and Donna's casa.JP
Randy, Dondino, Karen and Susan  Tony's
gang honoring Tony 2020 Halloween party
Alexis, Tony laughing and Karen crying.J
Dondino Donna giving Karen astronaut inf
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