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"BRAVO..the one word that says it all. 

Your connection with the audeince was one of the strongest that I have ever seen...and...because of that, the audience connected with you.....and...didn't want to LET GO"


Sandy & Ken Beirle


 F E A T U R E D                                          R E V I E W S

"Greatest show I've seen in a long, long time"


Norm Johnson

Public Relations Consultant

Las Vegas



"for Dondino,

who brought joy to so many in Las Vegas-tourists and natives alike."


Best Wishes

Alan P. Balboni


Beyond the Mafia



"Dondino, I had such a great time seeing your show last night, and I look forward to being there when you open your new show."


Warmest Regards,

James Healey

Nevada State Assemblyman

District 35



Great....Great Show! Vegas

has missed you"


Your Friend 


The McCoys "Hang On Sloopy"

" Over the years I've trekked across six of the seven continents and have literally met thousands of people.  Dondino is one of the most memorable people I've ever met.  Not only is he one of the finest entertainers on the planet, he has genuine style, class and grace. He is also kind, soft spoken and humble.

For all the "young Bloods" out there please take note of Dondino.  He is a terrific role model.  I am proud to call him my friend"


Your Friend Always,

The Duke of Fremont Street


Jackie Brett-

Brett's Vegas View

"This was my first time to see Dondino perform, and what a great performer! He brings the audience together with such love, and in return the audience loves him back.  It was the most wonderful show that left me feeling emotions that just made my night.  Can't wait too see his show again and again!"- Sharon Cahlan

"What a show Dondino put on for the Pahrump Arts Council....Enjoyed!!"

Cecila Thomas

5th Judicial District Court


"You are a real singer, a great artist!! .....Keep the music playing"

Your Friend from Germany

Holly Wendland


I just listened to the Dondino version of Your My World for the third time.

It is fantastic. Great emotion. I love it.

Please let him know that this old retired DJ thinks his recording is truly awesome.

We had some great hardy down deep laughs early early in the morning after loading out the band. I remember being so moved when you sang to this elderly lady “she did it her way” So happy for all your successes. May the heavens continue to shower you with blessings.

STAN jOHNSON (now lives in Florida)

formerly Assistant Manager/now a University Professor

Tiger Pit nightclub

Peoria, Illinois

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