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The Cutting Room is a beautiful space, with great sound, and state of the art projection. We bring the art of film locally as well as from all over the world. 


With a separate supper club theater room, the Cutting Room venue, restaurant, and bar is a perfect spot to eat and drink before, and after watching the short film blocks, for opening day, Gala night and closing Gala Awards night

festival director Kathrina Miccio.jpg

     Festival Director 

     Kathrina Miccio


Kathrina Miccio is a 20 x Award Winning Actress. Best Actress in A TV Series NYCIFF Best TV Series NYCIFF Best Written Comedy Script Hollywood Dreamz She won Best Woman FilmMaker LAIFFA 2018, Winner for Short Comedy St. Joseph HIMPFF Best Actress in a Short The Brightside Film Festival Best Short Comedy The Brightside Film Festival Best Director MedFF, Italy Critics Choice MedFF, Italy Best Ensemble Cast at The Red Corner film Festival Best Comedy Hang On To Your Shorts Best Comedy America Movie Award Best Comedy London International Film Festival Best Comedy Hollyshorts 1st Woman of The AOF Film Festival With over 30 Official Selections, she also wrote, directed, produced, and starred in St. Joseph the short comedy. She is an Artist on many levels as an actress, writer, director, and a painter. She expresses her skills on either in front of the camera as an actress, or behind the camera as a director, on canvas as a painter. Kathrina a proud member of Screen Actors Guild.a paragraph.  


             KATHRINA MICCIO CRISFF Festival Director
Kathrina is an actress, writer, and director, and 2 x Film Festival Director, NYC based CRISFF and Venus Italian International Film Festival. She currently has 19 IMDB Award credits. Her career spans over 20 years in the entertainment industry. Some of her other film credits are St. Joseph which she wrote directed and starred in. It currently has won 20 awards. Recently, lead role in High Hopes, The Streetz, King of Angels, and The Sopranos. A native to New York, she holds a BA in Fine Arts and Theater from Wagner College, and FIT, NY. Kathrina Miccio is also The Cutting Rooms resident portrait artist since  2001.MICCIOART.COM. She is a Breast Cancer survivor and has a true desire to pay it forward by awarding truly dedicated and talented Filmmakers.

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Cowgirl to Showgirl, Just Like That

Documentary Coming Soon

Produced by Dondino

                  Donna Melchiorre

Dondino Productions

Comedian Tara Cannistraci.jpg

Tara is an Italian-American stand-up comedian born and raised in the Bronx, NY. She uses her New York upbringing as the foundation for her take on observational comedy. She has taken her talents to stage, television, film & off-Broadway. She wrote for and and was featured on SportsNet New York’s (SNY) “Oh Yeah”. Tara is the co-creator of We Stand Comedy, an LLC that produces live shows and digital content. Tara is a proud member and regular performer at the world famous Friars Club. She produces and performs for fellow Friar Chazz Palminteri’s Child Reach Foundation and tours regionally with Danny Aiello’s Italian Chicks. Tara performs regularly in NYC, throughout the country and Canada.

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Shorty Long and the Jersey Horns doucmentary trailer

Tangerine films has made a documentary about shorty long And The Jersey Horns.
Specifically about Ricky Tisch struggles and perseverance, and how he’s overcome the challenges living with osteogenesis imperfecta  The film runs about a half hour long and will debut at the lighthouse film festival Long Beach Island New Jersey in June and at the Long Island film festival in New York in July.




“To Make a Long Story Short” is an inspiring story of a young man from New Jersey who stands about 2 feet tall and confined to a wheelchair yet heads the most popular music group on the Jersey Shore the past 20 years.

vincent Curatola receive 2019 award for

Vincent Curatola is the 2019 CRISFF  Award recipient for his outstanding work as an actor in Television & Film as well as his Contributions in Mentoring Creatives.

Vincent is an American actor and writer, best known role is that of the cold, calculating, chain smoking Johnny Sack from the HBO drama, The Sopranos.

festival 1.jpg
The Baking Soldier Hayley Johnson and Do

I met Haley during the 2019 Cutting Room International Film Festival in New York City.  Haley's journey story is so incredible and her love for the US military so beautiful and patriotic. 


As most of my fans know, I am very patriotic, with great respect and love for the US military and America.  Meeting Haley, a retired US Navy soldier, was a special honor.


It gave me great pleasure to present to her, on behalf of my personal friend George Patton Waters, grandson of General George Patton and son of General John Waters, the General George Patton Challenge coin. 


Many years ago Pat Waters allowed me to honor military heroes, that I would meet throughout my journey as an entertainer, the General Patton Challenge coin. 

Meeting Haley Johnson in NYC was a great opportunity to honor her with this challenge coin on behalf of Pat Waters and General George Patton.  She was so surprised and thrilled to accept this beautiful coin, and I was equally thrilled to present it to her.


The Baking Soldier is now on Instagram if you could check it out and follow at @the_baking_soldier

Haley is a disabled Veteran that started the BAKING SOLDIER company as a way to give back a portion of profits to the under served veteran community.

Baking is what kept her in high school.  She took cooking classes all 4 years of high school and the first cake she ever learned to make was a red velvet cake at age 14.  She has been baking over 30 years. Her job in boot camp was cutting the cakes.


CAVID Joshua Williams Joelle Teeter Dond

Projectionist, Technical Director, AV Technician



When the Dust Clears is  inspired by true events. Cindy, a 9/11 survivor, is haunted by the memories of that tragic day. Although 14 years have passed, Cindy searches for ways to cope with her increasing depression, PTSD, and debilitating physical illnesses. Like Cindy, 9/11 victims continue to suffer, developing life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, lung disease, etc. Today, the death toll continues to rise as latent illnesses surface. 

One of the main reasons Joshua was compelled to make this film was to shine light on those who are still suffering from the 9/11 attacks. Although it's been 18 years, many people are dealing with PTSD, loss, and physical trauma from that day. 9/11 victims continue to develop life-threatening illnesses and thousands have died from cancer and other sicknesses due to the attacks. To this day, the numbers continue to rise. It's important for them to know that they are not alone; that we're fighting alongside them no matter what.

Dondino and Vincent Curatola aka Johnny
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